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What are the Index.dat files?

The Index.dat files are used by Internet Explorer and Windows to store history, Internet cache, cookies, UserData records and other information about your PC activities. If the information is too big to fit in the index.dat files themselves, it is placed in external files and the index.dat file serves as index or table of contents, which helps the Internet Explorer to find the full information.

Although some of their functions are useful, they are dangerous privacy threat - any person with even little knowledge about index.dat files locations and structure can see history of almost all of your computer activities. Index.dat files are not the only privacy threat but they are the most obscure and dangerous one because they are hard to find and even harder to delete. In fact, in most cases it is impossible to delete Index.dat files manually because Windows keeps them open all the time.

You can use Mil Shield to clean the content of index.dat files along with history, cookies, cache and many other tracks. If you want to know more about index.dat files and want to locate them and try to delete them manually read the next chapters of this article.

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Index.dat files are used for the first time in Internet Explorer 4 and since then they are part of Internet Explorer. Before version 4 of Internet Explorer there were mm256.dat and mm2048.dat files, which are similar to Index.dat files.

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